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Anti-Correa Protest Could Land Students 7 Years in Prison

"Disproportionate" Sabotage Charge Undermines Democracy, Says Defense Lawyer

Panam Post - Rebeca Morla 23/06/2015

Foto: El Comercio

Foto: El Comercio

Students of the traditional Mejía Institute in Quito, Ecuador, have joined the nationwide protests against the government of President Rafael Correa that have gained momentum over the last two weeks. Three of those young protesters, however, have been accused of “sabotage,” and face up to seven years in jail if convicted.

During the evening hours of Friday, June 19, local media reported violent protests in the vicinity of the Mejía Institute, an important public high school founded by former president Eloy Alfaro in the late 19th century.

However, student demonstrations had in fact begun three days earlier, when roughly 500 Mejía students took to the streets to protest against a proposal to shut down afternoon classes.

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