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Canada’s high court may fall prey to the Chevron Shakedown

Hot Air - Jazz Shaw 01/10/2015

After many rounds of good news in the saga of the Chevron Shakedown, where the energy leader won one victory after another in court over Steven Donziger and his eco-warrior allies in Ecuador, a disturbing headline crossed the transom this week. Though courts in the United States have found the pickpocket tactics of Ecuador to be entirely fraudulent and baseless, Canada’s highest court has curiously agreed to entertain the case in their country. (Financial Post)


This is something of a mystery if the Canadians are approaching this from any objective basis. As noted in the Financial Post article, Chevron doesn’t even have an official corporate footprint in Canada. (They have a subsidiary there, but the case is being heard in Ontario where they have no assets at all.) What does Canada have to do with the dispute?

Further, the small justification they offer is that “the defendant already has been found liable abroad.” But if they are willing to accept input from a foreign court (in this case, the highly corrupt Ecuadorian court) then how do they justify turning around and ignoring the numerous findings in the courts of their democratic partner, the United States, where the original ruling was determined to be completely corrupt hogwash?

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