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Chevron’s Oily Foes

NR has documented the many escapades of the Leftist cabal that has tried to shake down oil giant Chevron for billions of dollars over contrived environmental screw-ups in Ecuador, a massive fraud that has backfired in many ways. You will pardon the schadenfreude.

The Corner - Jack Fowler 11/05/2016

Photo: The Corner

Photo: The Corner

It’s funny how scandals overlap: The New York Post is reporting that mayoral press secretary Karen Hinton is bailing on Bill de Blasio’s administration, which is now starting to sink in investigations over major campaign-contribution shenanigans. Hinton “plans to return to her prior gig of working with Ecuadorians in a drawn-out lawsuit against Chevron.”

Welcome back, Karen. We refer Corner readers to Kevin Williamson’s 2014 report on how Ms. Hinton — the onetime mouthpiece for trial lawyer Steven Donziger (the mastermind, if you can really call him that, behind the scheme to turn Chevron into the Left’s ATM) and for Andrew Cuomo, when the New York governor rode roughshod over America as HUD secretary for Bill Clinton — tried to negotiate a 5 percent take on the billions that would come from an expected judgment against Chevron (plus this relative pittance: a $10,000 monthly retainer for her Chevron-bashing services).

Don’t you just love how these social warriors operate? Sue for those allegedly harmed, with the codicil that the result better also be your personal Powerball. Well, let’s see what Karen has to say. Stay tuned.

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