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Chevron slams British documentary on oil pollution in Ecuador

Seeking Alpha 18/06/2015

• Chevron (NYSE:CVX) attacks the British makers of a short documentary film that follows a long series of legal fights in U.S., European and Latin American courts over the dumping of toxic wastewater and crude oil by Texaco during 1964-92.
• The film includes a famous Pablo Neruda poem that suggests U.S. corporations have treated Latin American countries as empty "banana republics."
• CVX says the film ignores more recent environmental problems, which it blames on Ecuador's current government, and omits the fact that a U.S. federal court found the Ecuadorean judgment against the company was the product of "egregious fraud."
• CVX, which inherited Texaco’s liabilities when it acquired it in 2000, has argued that the original pollution was cleaned up and that Texaco only followed accepted practices at the time.

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