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Colleges embrace Chevron case lawyer Steven Donziger despite fraud accusations

The Washington Times - Kelly Riddell 21/04/2015

Source: The Washington Times

Source: The Washington Times

Steven Donziger, a lawyer who was charged with fabricating evidence, promising bribes and even ghostwriting critical court documents in order to win a $19 billion judgment against Chevron for polluting Ecuador’s rainforests, is now on the college speaking circuit and touring many of America’s most prestigious universities.

On Tuesday, Mr. Donziger will be speaking at the Georgetown Center for Latin American Studies on a panel discussing “The fight of Ecuador’s indigenous community against the environmental damage caused by ChevronTexaco,” according to a posting on the school’s website.

Mr. Donziger will be joined on the panel by environmental lawyer Aaron Marr Page, who has written editorials in Mr. Donziger’s defense, and Jose D. Mangasha, an Ecuadorean community leader.

Last week, Mr. Donziger spoke before a crowd at Harvard Law School in an event billed as “The Next Chapter in the Chevron/Ecuador Litigation: Insider perspectives and implications for the future of transnational corporate liability.” The six-member panel also consisted entirely of sympathizers with Ecuador’s case.

Although Mr. Donziger’s case against Chevron has been hailed by the left as a heroic environmentalist triumph — one of the largest judgments ever against an American company — the U.S. court system found otherwise.

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