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Correa Censors Dissenting Ecuadorians in Italy

PanAm Post - Rebeca Morla 18/06/2015

Foto: PanAm Post

Foto: PanAm Post

On Saturday, June 13, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa hosted his weekly TV show from a different set: the Ice Palace in Milan, Italy, surrounded by South American immigrants.

While Ecuador experienced its sixth consecutive day of protests under the slogan “Fuera Correa, fuera” (Out Correa, out), Episode 428 of Correa’s Citizen Link showed the president surrounded by a cheerful group of followers, applauding and singing The Color of Hope by Diego Torres.

But not everyone in attendance was there to show support. A video which surfaced on social media shows Correa’s security detail confronting a group of dissident Ecuadorian immigrants as they held up protest banners, with messages such as “I declare myself in rebellion.”

Four men in black suits can be seen make their way through the crowd and attempt to remove the dissidents as they demand their right to protest peacefully be respected.

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