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Ecuador’s president stops motorcade to bully finger-flipping teen

Fusion 08/05/2015

Ecuador’s notoriously thin-skinned president took his hypersensitivity to the next level last week when he abruptly ordered his motorcade to halt in the middle of the street to berate a teenager for mocking him from the sidewalk.

President Rafael Correa stopped his motorcade in downtown Quito on May 1 after spotting a 17-year-old teen flipping him the bird from the sidewalk.

Bravely surrounded by his bodyguards, Ecuador’s most powerful man stepped from his bullet proof vehicle and aggressively huffed and puffed towards the teenager to confront him and his mother.

Correa gets off his car in downtown Quito to scold teenager Luis Carrera, who flicked him the bird. (Screenshot taken from video taken by his security team.)

The startled teenager, Luis Carrera, says President Correa poked him repeatedly in the chest and scolded him on the sidewalk. He said the president was so angry that tears were forming in his eyes.

“He screamed ‘Show some respect, little kid! I am your president, you rude scoundrel!’” Carrera said.

Correa’s spokesman denied the teen’s account and insists the president never laid a hand on the kid

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