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Ecuadorian Regime No Fan Of Free Speech or Leo Burnett

Media Post - Larissa Faw 25/05/2016

Photo: Media Post

Photo: Media Post

Leo Burnett Mexico is making some enemies in the Ecuadorian government. The Publicis-owned agency has teamed with 4pelagatos, an independent journal in Ecuador, to create MashiMachine, a new interactive video platform that advocates for Ecuadorians freedom of speech.

The country is infamous for its strict media laws on censorship and free speech. People aren't allowed to openly express their thoughts and information is also limited. Ecuadorians primarily get their news from a 4-5 hour weekly broadcast hosted by President Rafael Correa, making him the only voice of information and news.

Now, the MashiMachine initiative mocks this communication network. People type any phrase they want into the platform and it will use those keywords to produce a mashup of existing video clips featuring President Correa. The platform contains 10,000 Spanish words and numerous aggregated clips of Correa.

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