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Even the International Criminal Court has rejected the Chevron Shakedown

Hot Air - Jazz Shaw 06/04/2015

2015 hasn’t started off well for the people who attempted to shake down energy giant Chevron for billions of dollars.

One court date after another has come and gone, with the “environmentalists” behind the scheme being either brought up on charges of their own or forced to relinquish any potential claims they hoped to cash in on via their fraudulent lawsuit. But Team Ecuador had one last card to play and they attempted it beginning last fall. They threw their case in the lap of the International Criminal Court, hoping that the global tribunal would take their side against “Big Oil” and toss them some cash.

This week, even that faint hope was shot down in flames.

The International Criminal Court this week rebuffed efforts to charge oil giant Chevron with violations of international law, dealing another setback to environmentalists engaged in a decades-long legal and political battle against the company.

In 2014, groups representing rainforest communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon asked the ICC to investigate Chevron for contamination associated with oil extraction by Texaco, which Chevron acquired in 2000, and Petroecuador, the country’s state-owned oil company.

“The Prosecutor has … determined that there is not a basis at this time to proceed” with an investigation into Chevron’s role in that contamination, the court said in a Monday letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

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