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Leaked videos heat up Ecuador’s presidential race

The Washington Post - Joshua Goodman 03/02/2017

CARACAS, Venezuela — Leaked videos in which a disgraced former minister accuses Ecuador’s vice president of taking part in corruption at the state-run oil company is heating up the final stretch of the country’s presidential campaign.

In one of the videos, Oil Minister Carlos Pareja is seen taking a lie detector test in which he affirms all decisions at Petroecuador were made with the consent of Vice President Jorge Glas. The videos were posted Friday on social media by an anonymous user going by the name “Capaya Leaks” in reference to Pareja’s nickname.

Glas is running again as vice president on a ticket backed by retiring President Rafael Correa in a closely contested election Feb. 19.

In a frenzy of tweets on Friday, Correa accused Pareja of fleeing justice and working with an opposition Ecuadorean banker in Miami to derail the campaign of his hand-picked successor, Lenin Moreno, who tops the Alianza Pais ticket that also includes Glas. He published a chain of emails between him and Pareja from October, after the corruption scandal broke, in which the former ally begs for forgiveness without admitting to any wrongdoing.

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