Caso Chevron

Caught on Camera! The Making of the Fraud of the Century

National Review - Jack Fowler 09/11/2015

The leftist attempt to shake down Chevron — over concocted claims of environmental calamities in Ecuador — continues. Despite being beaten again and again in U.S. and international courts, the liberal schemers, like Rasputin, persist. But between now and their case’s next phase, likely to take place in Canada in 2016, Chevron is sharing more of the boomeranging outtake film shot by the liberal team (led by notorious New York trial attorney Steven Donziger) that is suing the oil giant) that shows the degree of not-so-behind-the-scenes monkey business and justice-rigging that have earned this case the moniker of the “Legal Fraud of the Century.”

For example . . .

That’s just a small sampling of what Chevron — a rare American corporation that deserves conservative plaudits for refusing to knuckle under to leftist schemes — is making available. You can watch these and many more examples of unmitigated brazenness at the Amazon Post.

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