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Ecuador tribesmen briefly seize Amazon oilfield

Global Post 09/01/2015

Armed Amazon tribesmen briefly seized an Ecuador oilfield Wednesday, halting production before clashing with soldiers who reclaimed the facility, the defense ministry said.

A group of Huaorani people carrying spears, blowpipes and guns stormed the oilfield, the ministry said in a statement.

They were "looting and damaging and paralyzing production," the statement read.
The oilfield is run by Petrobell, a subsidiary of Brazilian group Synergy, and is located in the southeastern province of Pastaza. It normally produces about 3,200 barrels a day.

Officials said military intervention was necessary "in order to protect civilians." Six soldiers were injured in clashes and seven Huaorani were arrested.

In March 2011, a group of Huaorani also occupied a Petrobell oilfield.

Ecuador is the smallest OPEC member, with a daily output of 555,000 barrels between January and October 2014.

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