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In Remote Ecuador Towns Hit by Quake, Contact Was Cut Off for Days

The New York Times - Nicholas Casey and Maggy Ayala 20/04/2016

Photo: The New York Times

Photo: The New York Times

EL MATAL, Ecuador — The narrow, six-mile road that connected this fishing village to the main highway disintegrated from the earth’s violent heaves, severing it from all outside contact.

It would be days before anyone arrived.

Residents took to the rubble with shovels and sticks, to little avail. Some used their hands to push away debris from a sandy cliff that had collapsed, smothering all the homes below.

There was no water, no electricity. And with all phone lines severed, there would be no calling for help.

On Tuesday, a military helicopter made the 40-minute flight from the provincial capital, Portoviejo, ferrying supplies and a New York Times reporter and photographer.

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