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Sharon Stone sued by Brooklyn public relations company after failing to show for speaking tour in Ecuador

Next time they should call The Kardashians.

New York Daily News 24/02/2015

A Brooklyn public relations agency is suing actress Sharon Stone for failing to meet her obligation to appear in Ecuador on a speaking tour about oil contamination in the Amazon.

The agency, MCSquared, claims in the breach of contract lawsuit, that it shelled out $275,000 to a Massachusetts booking agency and an additional $77,400 "to accommodate Stone's diva-like requests," according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Stone fell ill and was hospitalized in Brazil in April 2014 shortly before she was due to make three days of appearances in the South American country.

"As of the date of this filing, neither American Program Bureau nor Stone has refunded MCS the $275,000," the suit contends.
Stone’s demands included first-class airline tickets, luxury hotel suites for herself and three companions, hair and makeup for the events and personal guides.

A request for comment was not immediately answered by the booking agency.

The suit acknowledges that there was only an oral agreement between MCSquared, Stone and the booking agency. Rather, there was a "meeting of the minds," the suit states.

Stone, 56, was scheduled to fly to the Amazon jungle in the Orellana Province where the inhabitants have been trying to get Chevron oil company to clean up the mess left by its predecessor Texaco.

She was expected to meet with the president and vice president of Ecuador about the contamination and raise awareness about environmental issues.

MCSquared claims it was further damaged because as a result of not having a replacement celebrity for Stone, the agency's multi-million contract with Ecuador was not renewed.
Stone's rep could not immediately be reached.

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