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Disgusting: Democrats try to rehab lawyer who tried to shake down Big Oil for $600 million

Several years ago, a left-wing wokester greenie lawyer tried to shake down Chevron for $600 million for rainforest oil pollution, in an instance of it that the oil company had nothing to do with.

American Thinker - Monica Showalter 11/06/2021

Disgusting: Democrats try to rehab lawyer who tried to shake down Big Oil for $600 million

Disgusting: Democrats try to rehab lawyer who tried to shake down Big Oil for $600 million

Congressional Democrats are asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to intervene in a criminal case against a lawyer found to have falsified scientific evidence and bribed a foreign judge to shake down an oil company, with one member of "The Squad" heralding him as an inspiration for "others to fight back against corporate power."

Evidence indicates that Steven Donziger and his team ran an elaborate legal fraud that included secretly paying a Latin American court's independent expert to twist science about pollution, and ultimately bribing a judge to issue a multi-billion dollar judgment in their favor.

The lefties came out, with Daryl Hannah and Mia Farrow schlepping over to the Ecuadorean rainforest and dipping their hands in the oil as if that were proof that Chevron somehow did it.

I've read that...

Democrats now are recrudescing their efforts to force the Justice Department to intervene on Donziger's behalf.  He is, after all, a greenie, and he hates Big Oil.

Chevron didn't pollute anything at all.  All the oil biggie did was buy Texaco, which in turn had partnered with the Ecuadorean state oil company from 1964 to 1990, before pulling up stakes, cleaning up, getting a clean bill of health from the Ecuadorean government, and leaving.  There was oil pollution that came later.  The Ecuadorean state oil monopoly remained, polluting the way all state-owned enterprises do.  But Chevron remained an easy-to-shake-down target for the left, and Donziger liked to think big.

He got caught faking science and bribing an Ecuadorean judge in his bid to shake down Chevron for $600 million (actually, it was higher than $8 billion at some points of the drama) before a big judicial report found him out and got him disbarred by 2020 for "egregious professional misconduct, namely, corruption of a court expert and ghostwriting his report, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and judicial coercion."  According to the Daily Wire:

In 2014, a U.S. federal judge in New York found – and detailed in nearly 500 pages of specifics – that it was secured through lies and corruption so astonishing that they were like something "out of Hollywood."

The details of the whole thing are a doozy, and this link has only a few of them.

Yet Democrats think this completely exposed fraud is some kind of hero, all because he claims he's "green."  Based on his history, his only interest in "green" is in greenbacks.

But here's how bad it is, with the left defending this shakedown artist:

In April, six members of Congress, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), sent a letter to Garland asking for what seems like political interference in the judicial branch, saying the already extensively-litigated case "involved urgent environmental justice concerns of Indigenous people."

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) said Donziger's "bravery and brilliance will inspire others to fight back against corporate power."

On May 26, actress Susan Sarandon said "the shared enemy is Climate Change and Pollution, not human rights lawyers, the afflicted peoples around the world, or their advocates."

This is kind of shocking.  Do facts matter at all to this bunch, or is Getting Big Oil the only thing that matters?

It's strikingly different from their quietude on Michael Avenatti, who tried to shake down wokester corporate Nike, and then found himself in the hoosegow for that kind of behavior, despite his record of trying to Get Trump.  Apparently, to the Squad defending Donziger, stealing is fine so long as the victim is someone you don't like.

This is pretty much the opposite of rule of law or one set of laws for everyone.  It's how communist regimes work, with their politicized, rather than civil, societies that premised on rule of law.

And Chevron had to spend millions to defend itself from this shakedown, so Donziger definitely belongs in the can.

But to this bunch, if your target is disliked enough by the left, then anything goes, no matter what the precedent.

If this defense bid gets through, and Merrick Garland intervenes to help this con artist to please the Squad, heaven help us.