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Hollywood Needs to Turn the Chevron-Donziger Case into a Movie

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Sean Hackbarth 31/03/2015

Last year, a federal judge ruled that Stephen Donziger violated federal racketeering laws in his case against Chevron over an Ecuador clean-up site.

The closer you look at this multiyear legal fight, the more it looks like the makings of a Hollywood movie.

We have celebrities that were paid to advocate for the cause.

We have scientific fraud, bribing judges, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

We have characters that surrounded Donziger only to abandon him. Like his former co-counsel Jeffery Shinder who admitted he found “shocking” levels of corruption in the case. Then there’s one of the Donziger’s investors in the case, James Russell DeLeon, called it quits, pledging "to give no more money and to turn over his entire stake in the judgment to Chevron."

[Through this case, many discovered the world of third party litigation funding, “a sophisticated scheme for gambling on litigation.”]

And we have Donziger himself, the mastermind behind a scheme he thought would make him millions, only to be crushed when the truth, partly disclosed in outtakes from a documentary he had made, came to light.

WithThe Wall Street Journal dubbing it the “Legal fraud of the century,” it already has a title.

Two books have been written on the case, but to quickly get up to speed, watch this video from Chevron. The makings of a trailer are in there.

Then hope that Hollywood takes a break from its obsession with sequels and comic book movies and puts this story onto the big screen.

To follow the latest go to The Amazon Post, Chevron’s blog covering this legal fraud.

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