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In Fraudulent Suit Against Chevron, One Honest Judge Makes A Difference - Gerald Walpin 16/04/2015

At first glance, it appeared that the poor and downtrodden had obtained justice against the rich and powerful:

New York attorney Steven Donziger, in Ecuador, obtained a $19 billion judgment against Chevron in favor of 47 indigenous people from Ecuador's backwoods to compensate them for oil exploration pollution.

But that supposed "justice" was discovered to be injustice, the result of lying, bribery and fraud. While an unbelievable story for a movie, it is the truth as found by a respected New York federal judge. Here is how it was uncovered.

Chevron started the New York lawsuit seeking an injunction against Donziger, to prevent enforcement of the Ecuadorian judgment. Chevron's heart must have dropped when Judge Lewis Kaplan was assigned as judge.

Well-known for hard work and intelligence, Kaplan's background suggested sympathy for the underdog, a category into which these Ecuadorian plaintiffs fit. Appointed by President Clinton, he was previously a trustee of the Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law.

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